Coronavirus Update – Wednesday 13th January

Happy new year everyone, we hope you’re all well and had a good break.

During December we had taken the decision to close after Christmas Day until 8th January, we felt that (at the time) Tier 3 was looming so didn’t want to be left with surplus food and drink stock that would go in the bin….or worst, our stomachs! A lot has happened since then and we’re back in a national lockdown until….

This time we have taken the decision to not provide takeaways, there are many reasons that brought us to the decision, they are mainly financial as we want to be here for the long term, not just short term! Plus having a young family means that we would need to bring in at least 1 member of staff to help us and morally we don’t feel comfortable with that, it goes against the guidelines of only going out if it’s necessary and potentially puts our staff at risk, especially at a time when NHS figures are on the up. This will be reviewed on a regular basis, depending on how long lockdown lasts; and we are looking into “theme nights” such as Valentines dinner for our lockdown lovers!

During this time we shall tidy and titivate the pub inside and out and make a “plan” for the year ahead, let’s bounce back from 2020 with style!

NB: For those eagle eyes out there that spotted a removals lorry outside the pub over the weekend, don’t worry, it wasn’t for us, we’ve got new neighbours in the village that kept the van outside whilst waiting for their house sale to go through. 

Hopefully we will see you all soon! 

Iain & Gemma